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Please read the important information below.
Make sure to create an account so that you can come back and review previous orders.
You will not be able to review previous orders if you create an account AFTER you order.

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your husband called & said buy anything you want

Make sure to read all details and ETA.
Completing your order does not charge you at checkout.

An invoice will be generated via Shopify and sent to you via email on the close date of each item once production of the item is guaranteed. Close Dates of each item can be determined by looking at the date at the end of the item's name (i.e. "Strawberry Short Set - 1/3", would be closing on 1/3).
If the item does not make production, you will receive an email stating that your pre-order has been refunded, and that the item did not make production (no refund will be given if an invoice for payment has not been sent).

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If you have any questions, please contact us prior to checking out.
Please do not submit an order if you plan on canceling for any reason.
**Submitting an order affects our production counts, and acknowledges that you have read the
Close Date and ETA of the item that you are wanting to purchase.

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